Issues and Priorities for Bellaire

1. More police funding and support
We need to hire more police officers in Bellaire and allocate more for our police department. Our parks and homes in Bellaire are so beautiful and must be preserved and kept safe. More officers patrolling is a necessity to keep our citizens safe.
2. Virtual Gate security cameras
West University implemented this system, and it has been very effective for that municipality. Bellaire currently has some cameras that can read license plates and identify criminals on our streets. We need more! We need to designate the correct points and locations to install these high technology cameras in our city. 
3. Concrete barriers/closed access on designated open streets that lead to freeway access and back up to high crime areas.
Many criminals are targeting Bellaire citizens because they have quick access to the 610 freeway. We must plan and strategize which streets we will insert barriers on to block these open paths. In addition, doing this will also protect our children. Certain streets outside of the loop backup to apartments and high crime areas, these streets must be secured and barriers placed to avoid entry/exit by criminals targeting these areas. 
4. Additional/supplemental police station in a plot of land owned by the city of Bellaire inside the loop as a designated area for patrol vehicles.
We have a great police station outside the loop, but I would want to add a call center/response team area with a few police vehicles inside the loop for our citizens and for further deterrence. We need to protect both sides of Bellaire.
5. Joint community task force with Southside Place and West University.
Our neighboring municipalities should work jointly with us to assist each other and to keep our citizens safe. This relationship needs to be strengthened. 
6. There will be designated points past 9:00pm where I intend to have police vehicles parked and stationed for active patrol duty.
I have no doubt that Bellaire citizens value safety first. We must actively patrol our streets past 9:00pm.
7. We must explore working with the county regarding asset forfeitures of those committing crimes in our neighborhood.
Criminals arrested in Bellaire committing crimes/illegal operations like illegal game rooms/ thefts or drug dealing must have their assets seized. We must work jointly with our legal civil/criminal division to seize their assets and file petitions for forfeitures. Any money gained through this would go right back to the City of Bellaire for our community needs and to support our law enforcement.

Drainage in Bellaire remains a major issue of concern. Hurricane Harvey affected nearly all of our Bellaire residents and caused so much damage to our city. The question remains what have we done to improve our drainage system? Our citizens are reminded all too much, even in mild rains about the worrisome accumulation of water in our streets. We have unresolved drainage concerns. We need to work tirelessly to procure more outside funding to help resolve our drainage issues from state and federal officials. I will advocate on our behalf for outside funding to improve our drainage systems. We must continue to improve our freshwater delivery system and be able to properly remove stormwater through our drainage systems. The City of Bellaire Regional Drainage Improvement Program must proceed with a strong push for outside funding to improve our existing conditions and interior storm sewer systems. Our city cannot afford another devastating flood. We cannot sit back without pushing for design and engineering improvements to mitigate flood risk and improve our drainage issues.

Our city of Bellaire has some of the most beautiful parks around. We must keep them clean and green. We must monitor their safety and improve the walkable area in our city. Speed bumps must be an issue raised near our little league field on Jessamine. All too often cars are seen speeding in that vicinity where our children play nearby. We must work with parks and recreation to always keep a pulse on issues that matter for our children.

The area near Main St. must be improved and we must not rush to occupy any space that would not be beneficial for our citizens. Our Main St. area needs improvement to be more walkable and to avoid high area traffic and crime. Bellaire is the city of homes and has a nice size population. While growth is always the goal, never at the expense of the integrity of the city. This is an intimate city that we must keep safe and family friendly. We are not Houston, we are Bellaire. Any projects that don’t suit our citizens and our way of life won’t be supported.

Bellaire citizens pay high property taxes and deserve safety, accountability and transparency on spending. We must work with local, state and federal officials to help improve our taxes and to help generate surpluses and grants for our city. Before spending taxpayer money, we need transparency and accountability on where the money is being used best for our city. We need open meetings and to conduct pro engagement of our citizens before any significant city expenditures. Our spending on city expenditures must be vigilant, while always continuing to support our police and fire departments.